I can not resize or move containers anymore, the adds are locked

Hello everyone,

I created a new website in editor X with the template I had, as soon as I changed the website created for my old domain I can’t resize or drag and drop blocks or images.

It’s really weird, I tried several things and I can’t change anything now, whatever I add is stuck in the middle of the container and I can’t change the size or layout as I want … you can help, as I’m stuck to add or adjust the layout. Its seems that if I added a text or something inside the website or past containers is locked, can someone help with thoughts. thank

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Hi @contact43509

I am Sebi from the Editor X Product Team.
Thank you for sharing your experience with our team, we apologize for the difficulites you are experiencing.

It is very unlikely that the issues were caused by connecting a domain to your site. In order for us to properly investigate we will need to have your website address.

If you don’t feel comfortable with sharing it here, then please send it via the “Help & Feedback” bug form in the top bar of the Editor.

Once we have more information we should be able to investigate.

Hi… thanks for return to my issue.

My site is: www.bethehost.pt

I have added a video with the issue that I am facing, I cant move objects around or resizing them.


Our developers are already working on your case.

We will update you via email once it is resolved.


Hi Sebi…
Any news on my case? I am excited to launch the website, I moved my domain to this new wix editor -x , and I was in the stage building up. Should I return to my old website?