Interactive modules. Does someone knows how to create them in Editor X?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to find how to create interactive elements in the new Editor X like in the old editor.
Sadly I can’t find them in the new editor and I struggle to create them. Does anyone knows if this is possible and if yes how to do it?

I need to put on a website some scrolling slides (only text) and also boxes with a video as hoover (starting automatically).

Thank you all for your kind help


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EditorX is in Beta. Not all of the features in Wix Editor have been added yet. Hoverboxes are one of them that’s coming in an update at some point soon.

Many thanks Rich.
Guess I’ll have to wait to start working on Editor X

You’re welcome. Actually now is the perfect time to work in EditorX. Just not with client jobs. We have an opportunity as Beta Testers to help shape EditorX and get it out of beta sooner. I don’t know about you, but I like the direction they’re taking. Personally I’m focused on finding issues and reporting them. When the foundation is then solid, the other cool stuff can then be added.

Think of it this way. When EditorX is released from Beta, we’ll already be experts.:wink::+1:t2:


@rich hahahaha experts experts… not sure that term fits well with me sadly. I use it simply for my website but yes, there are many things I like. Really hope Wix will give us some great and modern functions while keeping the old features. And also websites will be faster.

@araujoricardo You never know. I started as a beta tester with a little unknown program called Photoshop decades ago. Some say I’ve gotten pretty good at it now (see image).

As far as speed. I’ve done some testing against one of my Wordpress sites. It wasn’t really an Apples to Apples test, but I found that EditorX loaded much faster. All the cool old features you’ve come to love will be added in as the beta test moves forward. However before that can happen the Foundation needs to be solid. I have little patience so I’ve opted to help the team to get it there as a beta tester.

Be safe out there, and I look forward to chatting with you again.

hahaha well done. I doubt I’ll follow on your footsteps as I really have no patience for this and I have my company to run (travel industry so a real mess now).
Great nice people help the team. Hopefully it will be ready soon.
Cheers and be safe too

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Ouch! This too shall pass. If I can be of any assistance you can find me here. All my best to you.

I’m told by Sam from Wix that hoverboxes will be available starting the week of May 1st…can anyone on the team verify this?

May 4th*


That’s AWESOME! Thanks for the update! :sunglasses:


I am Sebi from the Editor X Product Team.

We are currently going on Hoverboxes and other features to make your site more interactive.

We heard you out! We also believe Hoverboxes is a very important feature for the product, so we are already working in it.

Currently, you have the power of Wix Velo at your fingertips to make custom events for your elements.

Please let us know if you have any questions or other suggestions.

#Hoverboxes #interactive velo

Thank you so much Sebi. That’s a great news. Looking forward.

@rich @araujoricardo

Thank you guys for sharing your feedback on our product.

We are working very closely with our users to hear more feedback and make better decisions by using the insights we gain from you.

You all have the power to help us make the product better for you and your clients.

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Any approximate timeline on the hoverboxes, Sebi? Thanks for the communication and support.

Checking back in, Sebi. I could really use a timeline on the Hoverboxes as I’m making decisions on my portfolio site. Thanks


Hi there again!

Due to the nature of product development we can not share an exact release date, yet we are certain that it will not be available for the May 4th that was mentioned earlier in this post.

If there is a specific behavior that you are interested in, please let us know we might have an existing feature with same/similar experience.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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@sebi-vidret Thanks for clarifying, Sebi. Hover states in general. Is there a workaround to achieve that level of interaction? let’s say, an image that when hovered over displays text?


@sebi-vidret @Sebi Vidret Workarounds re: hoverboxes? Why can’t I hide a copy of a menu item in the menu and then link to it?


Currently, you can add logic to your site elements with hover states using Wix Corvid. Every element has the option for Mouseover events.

I am sorry, I may not understanding the question regarding menus.

You should be able to hide menu items without an issue. Please make sure that when you click on “Manage Menu” you are editing a new custom menu not “Main Menu”