Linking an image I added to the live product page to the product image on the dynamic page

I am making a sports supplements sales site, I want to add product nutritional values to the product details visually, but the image is not uploaded to the product details.

I added a blank section at the bottom of the product page, I put a blank image in that section.

I exported my products as csv file and created a new dynamic page. I added the product csv file I exported to the dynamic page. I added a column to this dynamic page and put the image part I want to add. (I put it separately for each product.)

But I could not link the images here to my images on the product page.

I want to link and match the images of each product to the products on my product page.

I use Wix Studio.
I put a sample image. My English is not good, I hope I have explained it.

I imagine you’ll likely need a solution using code.

Something like:

Hope this helps point you in the right direction :slight_smile:


Product can also have more than one image. Could add the nutrition facts as separate images which users can cycle through.

As in:

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