🔥 Meet Conic Gradient 🔥

We are now offering the latest trend in Gradients: the Conic for Section Background, in addition to Linear, Radial, and Fluid.

Not sure what a Conic Gradient is? (it’s ok we still love you)
A Conic gradient is similar to a Radial gradient, with color translation rotated around a center point.
But in this case, the color stops are on the outer edge of the circle.


hey how are u doing today heheh

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Awesome! I don’t see these in my account yet. Now if only we could add gradients to all elements and not just sections and buttons…

we are working on the gradient be available for the elements like containers, not ETA for not, but work in progress :nerd_face:

as for the conic availability, may I ask you to share the full-size screenshot from gradients section tab on your Editor X site?

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Hi @jaiden
You should click on the middle tab (Gradient, and not Fluid gradients as it appears on the print screen you added) and choose Conic from the drop-down options.