Multi-statebox or slideshow?

I looked everywhere… but i can not seem to find a multi-statebox or slideshows within editor x… any idea on when these elements will be added to editor x?


I am Naama from Editor X product team.
Slideshow is relatively in the short-term backlog. Also in our backlog is the robust Interactions product which may address your needs for multi state box. Stay tuned!

There is no slideshows on Editor X !! OMG !! a little late to discover it :disappointed:

@naamar you mentioned that this was in the short-term backlog back in July, where is this sitting now? Do you know when we can expect this feature?

This would probably top my list of the main thing that EX is missing.

Thanks! Hope we can see it soon.

Still staying tuned… 4 months later

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Same here… I am merging a client to editor x, but without the slideshow, I am having alot of trouble creating what my client wants.

Hi, I switch to editor x because my tech man is keeping me hostage, I have to call him for everything. I already have a pre-design site, so I just have to copy the content. With a week learning and looking arround this editor, I’ve come to learn that theres no slideshow, a crucial component of my design. My journey stops here!.

2022 MAY and still waiting!! Unbelievable…

The multi-state box has been available for a little while now. In the ‘Add Elements’ panel, navigate to ‘Layout Tools’ and in there you should see an option to add the multi state box. They’re quite easy to work with and there’s a full guide here .

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That’s great! It looks like this will meet my needs… thanks!!