My entire website is rolled back to what it's a month before

Mostly I used to struggle with WIX coding and lack of examples available on WIX code and API KB. All that is OK and you kinda learn to innovate stuff on your website.
Also, many a times the pages were inconsistent in loading - sometimes it used to load the page that we see in Editor’s view. And I ignored it always convincing myself that its a one of issue.
But today, I suddenly realized that the energy I have been wasting on for the past 1 month is totally wiped off on WIX.
E.g. My website pages are blank. The coding is wiped off. Its back to what it was a month before.

Really sad and angry at WIX platform. Its totally inconsistent. I really hope that WIX has some answers and action on making itself consistent.


Please share the site url/editor - I’d like to go into revisions history to check the issue.
You can check it by yourself as well - Viewing and Managing Your Site History | Help Center | - and restore to relevant revision.


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Thanks! I got the data back, but I am still not sure what caused that to happen in first place. I will notify you if I hit the same problem next time.