My white text shows up as black. Saved changes not publishing

I’m having a hard time building in EditorX. Seems text like colors will randomly change from white to black (my backgrounds are black) so then the text seems to have disappeared. When I go to the element and highlight the text, it still shows white in the color picker but I have to select another color like pink, and then reselect white.

Then, sometimes when I have white text while editing, it doesn’t save and still shows up black in published view.

Also, have an imagine in a stack that is being distorted (shrunk) it never used to be that way but all of a sudden I can’t get it not to shrink when I preview or publish. In edit mode it looks fine.

Is this just all buggy stuff, or am I crazy?

Have you applied the colors, fonts and font sizes to your Theme Manager yet? If you have a dark site, the theme manager should be set to use a lighter font. When you drop in a new text block, you simply need to apply the correct selector and if your theme manager has that select as a white font, it will stay a white font.

Not sure what would change between editing and post-publishing. Can you share a link?

You can control your stack to be FIXED or FLUID. I like mine set to utilize FLUID but with Max/Min widths. Select stack and open inspected. Size it like you size all elements.