New Feature Alert: Resizable Dev Mode Panels

You can manually control the height and the IDE and the width of the site structure panel to improve your coding experience.

Please share your feedback with us.


After going out and going in to the editor it works, thanks.

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Yes, thanks for sharing that it works ok. Enjoy!

Gadget feature but nice. I am impatient to seeing real new features really useful for pushing the designs of our wix sites even further. :grin:


Nice feature! Thanks for this.

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Are you also going to implement the new coding panel from the old editor?

Yes, we will.

Dear Editor X team, I appreciate you keep adding features, however you are not focusing on what is really important: I believe after 9 months that you laughed Editox X you still not caring to complete the shop section, adding what I personally would have added first. I’m talking about thumbnails , the possibility to have the zoom a bit bigger than what it is, the back ground of the zoomed item editable in terms of colour. These are definitely more important than your latest released features.

From June to November I can’t believe Wix/EditorX still hasn’t done what is import today to sell your products. Wake up Wix ! Zooming the product is extremely essential today as wells having thumbnails next to your product.

Daniele London 1
Jun 21

Zoom and thumbnails - Store (on Editor X)

Hi to everyone,
I have created my new site on Editor X and so far I managed to achieve a very good result.

My frustration began when I tried to implement the ZOOM and THUMBNAILS to my site which are neither available or even contemplated as forth coming available features on Editor X.
I don’t understand how Wix does not think that these features should be an absolute priority .
I will share few important pieces of information for people that, like me have an online store and need these two features.

Here the full story of; I am still not having these features

On several occasions I tried to get help from the Editor X team via phone or email; on the phone, (after one hour and a half, the time I spent most of the time on the phone holding/waiting to be connected) They were very kind and trying to help but they don’t seem to have any knowledge whatsoever of the system, they seem to be more receptionists/telephonists than a specialised Editor X team able to sort your web issues. I’m saying that because when it came to answer my technical questions they dismissively said ohh why don’t you go on our market place, not really trying to engage with the issue. Via email instead apart a few E.X team members that have been very precise and helpful mostly other member’s answer were lazy, changing a bit the subject or just saying No, what you are trying to do is not possible and then again go the marketplace bla bla bla.

  1. I tried an app called EQWID to implement zoom and thumb nails but first of all is a very basic app, not very editable in terms of info or the look that you might want to achieve, and also you need to use CSS which mostly doesn’t work, plus the “biggest problem” NEITHER Wix or Eqwid care about the fact that the zoom is not a full screen but is across the screen which I think look amateurish and not the impression I want to give of my company or products:see the image below.

So is a big NO NO to Eqwid!:x::x::x::x:

Then I started to inquire about the possibility to implement ZOOM and THUMBNAILS on Wix’s market place contacting some web "Corvid coding designer"but few of them they said they didn’t know how to do it, others asked an astronomic price like £650 which I personally I would not spend with the conclusion I am still not able to have these two features on my site.
Because I spent so much time building my site and learning Editor X I would not want to move to an other platform and start learning again and spend an other 4 weeks to build it. I just would like to finish my site on Editor X and start selling my products.

  1. Through my research I have discovered two beautiful third party ZOOM and THUMBNAIL plug ins that I would have immediately bought, however both companies said the their features WOULD NOT WORK ON WIX or EDITOR X. You can understand my FRUSTRATION!!!:rage::weary::confounded::triumph::sob:
    These two beautiful features are:


B) the most beautiful

just look at this screen shots!

I just went mad when the second one said: sorry we can’t implement it on your wix site.

Here it comes to express my disappointment with WIX and EDITOR X:
So Wix is trying to put together this amazing " and I do think it is amazing " web builder called Editor X that satisfies a more distinctive taste and design but in comparison with Wordpress or some other platforms it has massive limitations in terms of plugins and features.

I really need to have these features on my site ASAP otherwise I will need to move to Wordpress which would take a long time for long and is vastly more expensive. To have the features I want I would need to have multiple plugins to achieve the look I want for the ZOOM and THUMBNAILS.

So my point is: you want personalised features ? Wix should be able to do it for you. Of course I’m happy to pay, but Wix should have a department where you pay and have your dedicated features done instead of wander on the marketplace and wasting your time. It’s imperative that the Editor X team listen to you and understand their product and how it can adapt for the various businesses it serves without referring you to the marketplace to fen for yourself, which is a minefield. Currently they don’t have enough experience and they show you something that is completely different from your request or, like I said ask for a crazy price which is way out of your budget and you don’t even know if is going to work the way you want it?

At this point I am still contemplating the idea to migrate my site to Wordpress unless somebody kindly could give some help how to implement those two fantastic features I showed you in the the images above.

Thank you for reading and please guys let me know if you have any solutions?

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