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Oké cool! Now some new features please!


We want real functionality please wix! This is gadget, only 1% of users will go on this new window …

Editor X is super cool, but the updates speed is far behind wix traditional editor. Please do not kill this fantastic approach with a slow pace in terms of innovation!

Slide show will be awesome, this is not useful…

Opino lo mismo, las diapositivas seria mejor.

After a year the product page is still not completed and very poor. it’s quite obvious that the Editor Wix people have not seen how a professional Product page should look like.
Please take a look at any professional brands’s online shop and compare it with the Editor X amateur product page that don’t even have thumbnails a proper zoom.
If you zoom any product instead of taking the costumes to a zoomed page, takes you to a smaller image of the product that you’ll need to clic again. Are you guys kidding all of us. Just very delusional and amateur

Ok, so how about starting w/ the basics? What we really need and pay for are professional features. I get it you’re still in a (long) Beta mode but a chat for example is a strict minimum; how comes it’s pending and due to be released since months now? This is really desperating as clients at our end won’t wait that long and we’ll have to follow them on the practical and efficiency route even if we love the editor X design.

Sameee. You guys speak the truth. Editor X has like all these wack features that I know everyone hates. If they could only work on getting more flexibility throughout the whole damn editor, that would be a miracle. And look, they’re still working on getting hover interactions done. That is so freaking crazy. It shoulda already been released by now. And they need to work on these small things like fixing how the hamburger menu resizes, changing ANY icon like the damn ugly cart and account icons, to anything WE want to add. All these things are basic, and even Wix cant match basic things. That is really sad!!! Wix should put the money towards more developers possibly and just EVERYWHERE it is needed to help get new (HELPFUL) features out FAST.

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