New: Predefined Roles for Editor X

Introducing 2 new predefined roles that can be assigned to Editor X site collaborators: Website Viewer and Website Commenter .

The Website Viewer role allows a user to access the site without any editing permissions.

The Website Commenter role only allows the user to access the site and add new comments, mention users or reply to existing comments threads.


Inside the editor, click on Site → Invite People to Site and enter the email of the site collaborator you wish to invite. Then scroll down and check any of the predefined roles.
Inviting a site collaborator can also be done from Roles & Permissions from your site dashboard.

You can create a new custom role and choose any combination of the supported Editor X permissions, offering a tailored editing experience — from content editors to SEO specialists, developers and more. Simply go to Roles & Permissions → Manage Roles → Create New Role .

We’ll be happy to get your feedback.


Very cool. The more we refine and define roles and permissions the more powerful Wix becomes!


Check out also the Editor X permissions available when creating a new role
(aka custom role):

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