New to the partner program- Questions regarding best practices for migrating sites

Hello all. New to the partner program and now to wix studio. I didn’t learn about either the partner program or editor x until the wix studio announcement. I manage serveral websites for small business all over the U.S. Obviously the power in wix studio is much desired over the wix editor, to the point where I am willing to remake the sites I manage in wix studio, since as i understand there isn’t a possibility to transfer it automatically.

How does this affect SEO? What is the most effective way to migrate everything from wix editor to wix studio? What is the most effective way to migrate sites from wordpress to wix studio?

One part of the partnership program I am excited about is the commission! I have been using wix for clients for a while and missing out on this opportunity! Do i have to bill clients through wix for this to take hold and register to my account?

I would like to make sure I am doing everything correctly as I migrate everything to wix studio. Thank you for your time

Tried to post this in partner chat but…

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Hey @Dane_Tolman!

Firstly, it’s awesome to have you join the Partner program, and I can’t wait to see some of the awesome things you do.

Secondly, it’s great to hear you’re excited about Wix Studio too. At the moment, we’re in the process of rolling the platform out, so if you don’t have access yet, hold on tight.

I’m gonna answer your questions one by one below. Here goes:

  • At the moment, there’s not the ability to migrate sites to the new editor, although the team is working on the ability.
  • I know this video is a little old now, but I reckon there may still be some relevant information in it for you (in regards to SEO)
  • Here’s a link to learn more about Rev Share
  • And, I’ve manually moved your topic to the Partner Talk category, but thanks for flagging it. I’ll take a look into what’s happening there.


Thank you so much, that video seems like just the thing i was looking for.

as for the rev share - because i wasn’t aware of the partner program before now, my account wasn’t the original creator. I had the client start the site, purchase a premium plan, and add me as a collaborator. Does this mean that i do not qualify for rev share on these sites?

No problem. And yes, your site would have needed to be the original owner in order to qualify :slight_smile:

bummer, thank you. I will make sure to do it the “right” way moving forward!

Getting ready to transfer clients over to wix from wordpress and squarespace. What exactly is the “right” way? I have created the page using wix studio, do I personally upgrade the site to a premium plan and then charge the client for that cost? Can i have the clients information on the billing? The client has already purchased the domain