Questions About the Upcoming Migration from EditorX to Wix Studio

Hello everyone,

My team and I are eagerly awaiting the migration of our EditorX pages to the new Wix Studio environment, announced back in January. We’re really looking forward to exploring the new features and possibilities that the updated editor will bring. However, we’ve noticed there’s been little to no information from support, and some of our projects are on hold as we rely on these updates.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or knows more about how the migration process is being handled? Could it be possible that the rollout is happening earlier in some countries than others, or are there certain priorities determining who gets access first? Any insights or experiences you could share would be incredibly helpful to us.

Thank you in advance for your support and for sharing your thoughts!


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I’m in the same boat. Would really like some information on timelines. I’ve been playing with Wix Studio in the background but hesitant to make changes to our current site on EditorX.


@Stick_Dine and I have been asking the same thing. Here’s the information from December 2023 that the Wix team put out, and then an update they announced on Discord regarding the order of migration that was supposed to start in “early January”:

It’s now mid-February and I haven’t heard of ANYONE who has been able to migrate their EditorX sites over to Wix Studio, even if they only have an account with Free sites.

Has anyone been able to migrate their Editor X sites over to Wix Studio?

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This is what the Wix team posted on Discord:

The Editor X to Studio update has begun! :raised_hands: Like @JessCK mentioned, we did post an announcement in Discord earlier. Here is the link to the Discord post in case you need it: Discord: Editor X to Studio