New to Wix and want your input in deciding between Wix Editor and Wix Studio

I want to create a portfolio site for my art. Basic content to include: photographs grouped in pages and galleries, bio info and artist statement, and a contact page. I have no need for sales transactions or business features on the site and I am not building sites for clients. What I want is great responsiveness on different devices and design control and flexibility within templates. I don’t need much of the businsess-side features of Wix Studio but do you feel that with my concern about responsiveness and design control that Wix Studio is a better choice for me than Wix Editor? Does Wix Studio have a much steeper learning curve? Thanks in advance for you thoughts and guidance.

Wix Editor, Wix Studio Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
Decision on which Wix creation platform to use.

What have you already tried:
I have read and browsed numerous info pages on the two platforms at the Wix site.

Additional information:
I consider the design I have in mind to be a clean and straight forward presentation of art work. For example, no particular interest in integrating motion or animation. Having said that, I pay close attention to layout and want to have the control to achieve my vision. My sense is that even though I have little need for much of what Wix Studio offers in the way of business, that it has much more to offer in the areas of responsiveness and design control. If you feel that the the leaner Wix Editor can fit my bill and does a good job with the features I’m concerned about,I’d like to hear from you, too.

If it comes to responsiveness and design → wix-studio

Overall summarized, both editors have their pros and cons.

The ordinary wix-editor is old and do not provided that much flexibility like wix-studio does, but the ordinary-editor is much more stable and has a bigger number of already implemented elements.

On other hand wix studio, which is a newcomer (with all it’s bugs), do provide more flexibility and responsiveness. It will take time until wix-studio also gets stable and also will provide more elements and options, since wix will surely work on those issues in future.

In the past → wix never introduced 100% perfect products.
UPGRADES are beeing introduced time after time. For sure not customer-friendly, but it is like it is.

This has been said, wix-studio has a future, but wix-editor is getting old.
OLD BUT GOLD, maybe will still work for a while, but further or later wix-ordinary-editor will be completely outdated and boring. It wont be uptodate anymore and lose attractiveness.


This simple question will maybe help you to make your descision.

My suggestion would be to work with wix studio in your case, since your website do handle DESIGN-ART.

Responsiveness and flexibility is important for you. I am sure, it will be important for you to make a good presentation, which will work on different screen-resolutions.

For responsiveness to it has to be Wix Studio, especially if your site is to showcase your portfolio.

If you have not used Wix Classic before than I would consider this an advantage in Wix Studio. Studio is so different, it is a steep learning curve if moving from Classic.

If you have not used Classic before then it is easier to learn as you are not trying to work the ‘old’ way.

Explore and enjoy.