Now talking seriously

When wix will add the feature of paid memberships? Everyone ask for that. Everyone want monetize their site. What is so difficult for you then? Since wix was create everyone ask for the feature what happen?

Another thing. I’d like put a html element in a dynamic page and conect it to a html code in a dataset item, so i can show in my websie another features different to text and image lol. When the features of a service are limited (and wix is characterized by being limited) using html, embedding a simple line of code can solve many problems but you are making it very difficult. What if i want show in the item pages a comment box, a payment-donwload buttom or embed a video for sell like a item with the same buttom?

The feature of automatically adding a ‘paid memberships’ feature isn’t available, but you can have it set up using some code. It is definitely possible and it is not that complicated. Just a lot of steps. You can integrate the Stripe app payment along with page permissions and using your data collection storage to accomplish it.

Side note: If you have your site is set to http and you are trying to communicate with 3rd party services that are https it will not work. Additionally, if you will be collecting payments, you must have https (secure web data back and forth communications) or else user info/data can be compromised.

Other data like audio and video still cannot be collected into DB collections (which would be GREAT) but you can store them on a 3rd party cloud collection like Dropbox or Google Drive and access them onto your website pages. But this cannot be linked through a Dataset patch. The communication needs to be coded in.

How to set up Stripe Payment API Code:

The demo shows you how to allow logged in members (on a free account) to click on a Premium page/section and have the payment pop up. You can tweak this to how you need for your site.
(you need to use your Wix log in to access the ‘Freemium’ section)

This is the actual code and process to integrate:

This is a great set up process for collecting payments and then doing whatever you wish after the payment is complete. After you collect the payment from user, you can direct the user and give access to any pages that are not the free access pages, which are changed with the Page Permissions where you manage your pages.

I hope this helps.