Numerous Wix Issues

Wix has really stalled my site development by at least 60%. You are using a website development platform and they can’t give you the most basic:

  1. Webcam never works for any reason.

  2. GPS never works for any reason.

  3. Cross platform GET and POST request never works.

  4. Random failure of methods eg: async, setfilter etc.

  5. Priority support on a Premium Plan is as good as a Free plan.

  6. Your site’s SEO ranking requires a miracle.

  7. Random adjustments of your site’s elements for no reason.

  8. A closed system without FTP possibilities.

  9. Very slow to load no matter how many svg images you use.

  10. No real method of converting your site to an App.

  11. Database update method works like the save method.

  12. Pin to screen never works on mobile.

  13. Mobile menu data is not editable.

  14. Etc etc
    Why would wix give a Rolls Royce design with a scooter engine?

The Velo Forum is not the right place to report issues. The best way for Wix teams to know what areas need improvement is for you to submit your feedback to Wix Customer Care .

To report bugs, please follow the steps outlined here:

I have submitted this feedback to Customer Care on your behalf.