Plans not working as expected

I have a timetable with classes. Users can click a class to book a time slot. My goal is to use Plans for booking because they are transferable if rescheduled, unlike direct card payments that require refunds.

Here are my issues:

  1. Booking Process:

• When users click “Book Now” on the timetable, it takes them to a booking form.

• They select a Plan and pay for it.

• However, it only purchases the Plan, not the session.

Question: Can we combine purchasing a “class” Plan and booking the session in one step?

  1. Plan Redemption:

• After purchasing a Plan, it shows up as a subscription in the user’s account.

• But users can’t redeem it for a class session.

I’ve rolled back these changes because they’re negatively impacting my business. Currently, I prefer manually refunding rescheduled customers. If these issues persist or are bugs, I might need to consider moving to another platform.

Any advice or solutions?