PLEASE clean up the mess. Pt 1

The implementation of master templates, design assets and break points is a mess and full of horrible usability and interaction design flaws.

Why can’t we set an anchor to a section or element in a master template? This is super-necessary.
Why can’t we define breakpoints in section as a design asset? Changing breakpoints for every new page again and again and again is a stupid work.
Why loads every page in edit modus in full width again? Adjusting the canvas again and again and again is a stupid work.
Why does the canvas width changes to somewhere “randomly” in between the breakpoint values?

** I agree with you with regards to having to change or create breakpoints for every page over and over again but in some cases there is a good use for it and I got to agree with Wix that developers would prefer the control of having to set the breakpoints of each page than to have one universal breakpoint for all pages.

** I believe setting anchor or element in a master template is a good feature request, so I hope Wix EditorX team consider this but for now we have to understand that EditorX is still in its beta.

** By default, the canvas tries to load in “100 vw” which is annoying sometimes I agree, but I have found a work around it. Unless you are building a website with infinite width/full width, I suggest you dont make the canvas the main element container. I first add section and allow it to be full width, then I add a container, the container is what I set to my max width of the page and all my designs go into the master container, this helped me ignore the issue but I hope Wix does something better about it.

** I understand your frustration.

They charge money for it and you can go from homepage to payment without reading the word beta. If this is true, I feel ripped off even more.

I mean, is this even legal or already fraud?