Problem with wix website

Hi there. I am not a web professional. We’ve moved over to Wix from freewebstore and i’m finding it a challenge now our designer has left us. I’m trying to make changes and add products on my own and frankly i’m finding it less than friendly.

I was wondering about collections. I can set up a collection and add products to it. However i don’t understand why according to my dashboard, my collection for example “Chilli Plants & Vegetable seeds” says it has 10 products in it. But when i visit the website and click on that collection/category - every product on my site is displayed.
When i edit the other products and look to see what collections they are associated with, the category “seeds” is not ticked so why are they showing up?

Anyone lnow. It’s doing my head in.

Also sorry to post it here but i cannot see any forum for plebs like me - nor any way of contacting wix to ask them.

Hi Phil! Have you tried contacting our customer care team? They will be more than happy to explain this to you. :slight_smile:

Hello Phil,

I’d be glad to assist you with this. Please reach out to our team at 928-848-3393 and we can help get this fixed for you. We specialize in e-commerce websites and this is a fairly common issue you are experiencing that would be easier to discuss over the phone if you’re willing to. Please let me know when we can set up a call tomorrow.

AZ Web Dr.