Same. Old. Shite

Well thanks Editor X, you join the long line of online web building platforms that promise so much and deliver so little. I’ve shelled out over £200 for this programme only to of waisted time, money and a client who has now pissed off because I can’t get their website to function properly. When you tell me responsive design is supposed to cascade DOWN the breakpoints I’d like to believe you. BUT. IT. DOESN’T. So because of this I now have go through each breakpoint clicking ‘don’t display’ on every bloody item I include on my design. I add things to mobile and they appear on desktop more times than I can remember and because your marketing team has lied through it’s teeth I’ve now had to employ a wix designer to help. and even he’s stumped. This platform has cost me time and money and you owe me both of those things back in spades. This platform is YEARS away from actually helping us freelancers build websites in what should take only a healthy amount of time to complete. ‘Beta’ should be re-named to ‘buggy’’ or maybe ‘bollocks’ because that’s exactly what it is. You’ve made almost no ground up from the bad old days of Adobe Muse.

Suffice to say after I manage to dig myself out of this whole you’ve lured me in to with my client I will endeavour to keep myself and any other unsuspecting freelancer looking for a new way to actually make money in this shit sink game, away from your platform.


Hi @matt
I got to work a lot on the editor, maybe I can help you.
Can you share a specific thing you are trying to do?