Yet another problem

So I had written a post a week or two ago talking about some page breaking problems I was expiriencing that was literally making the editor unusable in the most literal way. And even tho I got some tips from users I never got any actual help from a actual member of the team. Fastforward to now, I escentially had to rely on a copy I had made of the website before it bugged out and had to redo all the progress that was lost. Currently I am near completion but problem is, it’s not letting me publish anymore. (I’ve been trying for hours now)

I am genuenly so tired of this giving me so much trouble and just wish to get some actual professional help. And that’s exactly the problem, currently there is no way to get in contact with the team or any of the profesionals unless the just so happen to come acrross a post and comment. If you go to report a bug it will just end up taking you to their automated services which wont help at all.

Editor X has cost me and the buissnes owner time, money and a lot of frustration. I hope I can finally get some answers.

Hi @thenyceconcept

Thank you for sharing with us.

We apologize for the experience you are having with publishing your site and while contacting our support.

We will contact you soon and get all your issues resolved as quickly as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions.