'see more text' function is not working in preview.Corvid inst. followed. Property/state names exactly as shown. Paste in place. Not working

Screen grab attached to show button and text in place to state.H appy to supply log in details for anyone to look at the site - should be a really simple code fix - but I am not a coder.

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You need to close your page’s onReady() function. Add this line to the end of your code:


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That is in place - see the screen grab. Or do you mean another set?

What is in place? What other set?

You have an error in your code which I see in the screeenshot. You need to fix the error, and that is what I explained in my post.

Please don’t attach screenshot files to your posts, attach the image itself so that we can see it.

Hi, I have no idea where the error is in the code - so can you please explain? The bit that was suggested I close the functionality with is there?

@yisrael-wix I am not a coder, and you could see the error in the screenshot, so it doesn’t make sense not to be able to upload them. Can you please just give me a copy and paste and explain exactly what I need to change. thanks

@hello63355 What I meant is add an image (not a file):

As I explained before… You need to close your page’s onReady() function. Add this line to the end of your code:


I have added in the }); a second time and it now works - should that not be in the online instructions for idiots like me who don’t code? Otherwise I thought it was a screen grab that I uploaded - what do you mean by a photo?