Shaping Wix Studio: The Insiders

Hey everyone! :wave:

When building Wix Studio, we implemented the feedback shared by Partners over the years. Not only that, over the last few months, we worked closely with a group of Partners - “The Insiders” - from a range of fields who were using the Wix Editor and Editor X to ensure we’re on our way to building the best platform for professionals. They worked directly with the teams to shape the future of Wix Studio.

This week, we’re closing the loop with them, and as part of the training sessions we are holding over the world, we are thrilled to see them in the Wix offices in Tel Aviv.

We’re incredibly proud of the impact that our Partners have on the future of Wix, and can’t wait to see the impact you all continue to have.

To start shaping the future plans of product teams, head on over to the Wix Product Roadmap to see all the feature requests in one place, vote on your game changers, and submit your own request.

(Ohhh, and here’s who The Insiders are :point_down:)