Site is loading very very slow

my site is loading very slow and the which has repeater and data set loads very very slow and when it loads it shows the full blank white page and because of this visitors get little bit confused about whether the site is loading or not and sometime they leave the site because they think that site is not working.
I also added the pre loader to the site and it is working but what happen is when the site loads first it shows the white page for 7 to 12 sec the it show pre loader for 1 to 3 sec and then it shows the content on the normal connection and on LTE it loads little faster.

This is the pre loader code which i had used
$w.onReady(() => {

export function button6_onClick() {

function waitForLoading() {
setTimeout(() => {
}, 1500);
I think wix should add some built in pre load so that visitors will get the idea that the site is loading or not


Hi Jain, have you managed to solve the issue? I m having the exact same problem and I m deciding if redo all with WordPress… Same problem… . white page for 10-20 seconds and then it loads. Also from mobile and tablet it is even more slow…



I think we are not alone the are many people who made the request same like this but wix team is not taking it seriously. The page which has dataset in it loads very very slow specially if the page has repeater in it. On mobile it takes around 10 to 20 sec to load
These are the link of the same request

There are many request like this
Please solve this issue this issue fast and also add built in preloader so that people would not leave the site.
Because current pre loader is shown when the other content is shown and before that there is full white screen for 10 sec.
Pre loader code
$w.onReady(() => { waitForLoading(); }); export function button6_onClick(event) { $w(’ #columnstrip1 ‘).show(); waitForLoading(); } function waitForLoading() { setTimeout(() => { $w(’ #columnstrip1 ').hide(‘FadeOut’); }, 1500); }


Thanks Jain, I opened yet another issue about it :

Let see how it goes. My page is also static (no dataset) so I am really struggling to understand how is that possible…


I have similar issues, it just a plain home page, already turn off as suggested in wix help, but results is basically the same.


I read a bit around and it looks like the problem is kind of known :

Look at point 3.
I hope Wix gives me a solution as soon as possible (I can cancel the payment only until early next week) otherwise I ll have to give my money to someone else :frowning:


yes I read the 3 point and exactly there is no worth creating the wix site if its loads in 15 sec because people left the site before seeing it
I think wix should take this problem very seriously after server site rendering my some pages load faster but the pages with the data set still load with the same speed

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Really dissapointed as the mobile site is as bad as desktop browser. Very slow and from my survey, people do go away as customers think something is missing in the systems and the waiting is not worth it. What a waste.


I’m having the same problem, the wix answer is just “is normal to a mobile version”. My website is going to be launched in april, until there I hope my problems will be solved

I am really stressed with wix. The mobile load is extremely slow and it even stalls. When will they fix this speed. I contacted many times and the only thing they said was change the size of the video font and etc. I did all that and made sure it’s the bare minimum but still it’s the same . I am really frustrated and I am about to choose some other hosting service. They should really take this seriously because everything is about mobile nowadays.


My website landing page has no header or footer, no pictures, no background, no video, no audio, ariel font and one link and takes between 7 and 9 seconds to load. what the hell!


My website is also loading very slow! Much bigger problem is that my site often doesnt load at all on my mobile (Android system). Wix should solve these problems very quickly.

Hi all,
In most cases, adding lots of images, animations and other heavy components to your site causes slow loading time of your site. In order to resolve the issue, I recommend checking out the following articles:

  2. Site Performance: Best Practices | Help Center |

Moreover, I recommend running a speed test to determine what causes the slow speed time of your site:

As for mobile sites, please check out these articles:
6. Wix Editor: Troubleshooting Mobile Live Site Issues | Help Center |

If your site still loads slow after adding lighter elements to your site, please contact Wix Support team and provide them with the link to the speed test so that they can check on their end what causes the slow loading time. In case of a mobile site issue, please send them all the information requested at the end of the 6th article.

As for sites with code , I recommend checking out Yoav’s announcements:

If you have a site with code that runs slow, please provide us with a site URL, a video of the issue using screencast and the pages to which code was added so that we can check it on our end. Note that that this refers only to sites with code.


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One more thing- note that the onReady function runs when all the page elements have finished loading. Therefore, the pre-loader example won’t help in this case.

But i found using Microsoft edge loads incredible faster than chrome, hope you guys try this and start recomending using EDGE instead of chrome on mobile!

Desktop version runs pretty smooth, so my only issue is mobile!

Hi Tal,
my whole site loads at pretty good speed not taking more the 3 sec but the page with dataset take 10 to 15 sec.
I also tried empty dataset that are not connected to any database then also the site loads very slow.
This is my link of the website please do open in mobile becuase on desktop the elements are hidden
This is the link of my site -
This is the link of the page which has dataset on it

Dear Wix team, would you fucking do something about loading times on mobile? Why is everything wrong with Wix? It would be such a game changer if it actually worked properly. You suck.


I thought the issue is because I am using the free plan and will be solved once I buy a premium plan. But here I can see that the same issue is faced by those who paid.

I am wondering now if I should buy a premium plan or not.

Premium plan will not solve the issue at all. The only way i found to fix this is to restart from scratch and after each change monitor the speed. I recreated the website exactly how it was before (when it was slow) and now it is fast. My guess is that the code that generates the html/js/css is buggy and messed up when adding and removing stuff. Start from scratch, re do everything, monitor the speed…good luck


@marco castigliego This seems to be at some point correct. Maybe their cleaner doesn’t work correctly.
For me though the main problem are the external loaded Javascript files as I mentioned many times towards wix. I do not need most of them and they cause a huge delay in loading my webpage.

So JS files + deleting / adding content might cause this massive loading delay which is quite cancerous regarding any customer.
Don’t even talk about Mobile version, this is even worse…

Else I am quite okay with wix, except that you neither can:

  • edit / add own Sitemap.xml,
  • nor robots.txt
    causing my google SEO being kind of bad.