Slow loading webpages

I saw several threads about Wix sites loading very slowly but have not seen an update in 2019 yet.
My site is loading slowly even though the Wix speed test says it is good (other speed tests say it is poor). I made my site very basic, with small images and few apps, but it is still too slow (actually it fluctuates).
I called Wix to find out more and they said everything was fine on their side and that it was loading quickly for them.
I’ve asked several people to check if they also experience slow loading on my site, and they do, so it’s not my internet like they suggested.
It’s particularly a problem for my customers because there is no icon to show that a page is loading so they leave thinking it isn’t working.

Has there been a fix for this yet in the community?

I’ve just clicked on your website link and it loads up almost instantly. So the issue must not be on the website side, it must be a local issue somewhere along the line.

Factor in internet speed times too as people are on different connections, I’m on fibre and others might only be using copper wires or 3g/4g mobile connections.

Also factor in the age of the device that is being used to view the website, older devices like computers and mobiles will obviously run much slower than modern counterparts.

Like Samsung phones, my website on S5 is painfully slow as the phone is old, on a S7 Edge on 4g+ it is fast, whereas on an S10+ 4g+ it is super fast!

Finally, check if you have any third party actions happening on your website, as most of the time these separate parts are causing the slowness as Wix is waiting for that to finish loading etc, before it can show you the full page.

Otherwise, think about adding a preloader to your website, so that at least visitors can see something happening whilst they wait for the page to load up.

This is so strange! Some people said it loads fine, and some said it was very slow…

My devices are older so I’ll give it a test on new devices and see