Site is wonky on Safari

I have a site, that looks fine on Chrome, but when my client views it on Safari it is all wonky. These are repeaters, but you can see the overlap on her screenshot. Is

there any way to deal with this? I design in Chrome and do not have Safari to test it with.
site is

Hi @simplyimpressive

These are two great questions!

I’ll check in with our product expert regarding responsive repeaters and browser testing and circle back :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’ve taken a look on multiple browsers but wasn’t able to recreate what’s shown in your screenshot.

It sounds like it is a local issue with your browser or device. Please follow the troubleshooting steps in our Wix Technical Assistant to resolve this and if it persists, you may want to reach out to our Customer Care Team so they can look further into this. You can reach them through your Partner Dashboard.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Thanks Randy for all your help. Since this post, I found a bit of code that I embeded in the header…not sure if this was what helped the responsiveness with Safari, but as soon as I published it, my client said it fixed the issue. Appreciate you looking into it. Thank you.


@simplyimpressive Glad it’s all sorted! Thank you @randya for looking into it :slight_smile:

Hi! I was wondering if you could share the code that fixed the problem?