Sticky Header?

Is it possible yet (or has it been all along) to have the header menu sticky so it stays on top as you scroll down your page?



Hi @ncovert

I’m Roni, Product Manager from the Editor X team.

If you wish to have an element always visible on the screen as you scroll, you can set it to Fixed Position.
You can do that from the element’s Right Click Menu> Position or from the Inspector, under the Position section.

You can also do this for Sections that are positioned at the edges of the screen (the topmost, bottommost, leftmost and rightmost ones). For sections the option is currently only reachable from the Right Click menu, and also for now, this capability is not available for Masters.

These two limitations will be removed soon - we’re working on it!

As for a Sticky effect - of an element starting in it’s natural place, and then moving to be pinned to screen at a certain point in the scroll, this is also coming soon!

Hope this helps!

Thank you Roni.