Studio Community Updates: What’s New

Hey everyone!

I’m happy to share that we’re making updates to the Studio community based on your feedback and thoughts since we launched last year.

Our goals with these updates are:

  • To make joining community discussions and events more accessible
  • Reduce confusion about where you should ask your questions
  • Provide more ways for you to get involved and make an impact (more on that later)

There will be a TL;DR at the end of this topic, but I encourage you to read everything here.

Let’s get to it :raised_hands:

Studio Community Forum

Let’s kick things off with the Studio Forum.

We’re splitting these updates into 2 stages - restructuring categories and tags, and UI improvements.

Restructuring Categories and Tags - (Stage 1)

We heard your feedback about the forum categories - how knowing where to ask questions could be confusing.

Starting 7th June, 2024, we’ll move existing categories and topics into 3 new categories - Ask the Community, Show and tell, and Be in the know.

These new categories aim to consolidate existing ones, reduce the overlap of similar discussion types, and make finding the topics you want to participate in easier.

For those looking to understand where the topics they’ve created will now appear, you can follow this table:

Tags are an important part of the forum - for example helping others know what your topic is about, or refining search results when looking for solutions to your questions.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to review forum tags; consolidating and merging where relevant.

UI Improvements - (Stage 2)

I’m also excited to share that we’re working towards a few UI improvements to make navigating the forum more intuitive.

We heard that the current UI can be overwhelming - especially when getting to grips with the forum for the first time. The upcoming improvements will put focus on features and tools you’re using regularly - rest assured that everything you currently use will still be easily accessible.

While I don’t have a specific date for these UI improvements, all I’ll say is I’m excited for them to be released, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts when they become available.

Here’s a little preview of what’s to come :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :


When can I use the new UI?

It’s not ready just yet - the photo above is a screenshot from a Figma file :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Hold tight - we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

What's changed in the UI?
  • The sidebar seen on desktop will be moved to a dropdown menu located in the header
  • We’re making search more accessible by adding the search bar to category pages
  • Adding a touch of color to separate topic lists from page headers
  • And other small refinements
Do I need to do anything to get access to this new UI?

Nope :slight_smile: Similar to publishing a website for a client, when we’re ready to make the change, we’ll press publish and make it available to all.

Studio Discord

We’re also making updates to the Studio Discord on 7th June, 2024, with 4 new discussion spaces:

  • :clipboard: | project-review - a dedicated space to get feedback on projects you’re working on, or provide insights and feedback to others.
  • :trophy: | proud-moments - we love it when you share your wins, whether completing a certification or signing your dream client, this is the space to do it.
  • :books: | resources - a place to share resources you’re using. Things such as your go-to project management tool, or a blog article that impacted your business.
  • #job-board - We’re moving collaboration from the forum to Discord. We understand you’re often looking to hire a fellow creator at short notice, and Discord allows you to find the perfect match more quickly.

Future plans!

Betas as a beta

Right around the corner, we’re adding Beta channels to Discord!

Yes, you read that right - you’ll soon have new ways to impact projects in the works, share insights and feedback with teams directly, and shape future features.

Betas will start as a beta :crazy_face: So take part, and provide your feedback (not just on the feature, but how betas work in the community) to make each beta more impactful than the last :muscle:


We’re working towards introducing Challenges to the community. I don’t have many details to share just yet, but you can bet they’ll be worth getting involved in.

What’s new? (TL;DR)


  • We’re consolidating forum categories into 3 new categories - Ask the Community, Show and tell, and Be in the know
  • All topics will remain but might have moved to a new category
  • We’re working towards refining the forum UI to improve navigation

Studio Discord:

  • We’re introducing new discussion spaces - #project-review, #proud-moments, #resources
  • We want to help you find your next job opportunity more easily - #job-board is the one-stop space for you to find all open opportunities

Future plans:

  • Right around the corner:
    • Through Betas, you’ll soon have new ways to impact projects being worked on. What’s more, you’ll be able to share feedback and insights with teams directly and shape the future of features
  • We’re working towards introducing Challenges. There aren’t many details to share just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for when we do :eyes:

Thanks for reading to the end. I’m sure there’ll be some questions - be sure to add them below and I’ll be happy to answer :slight_smile:


Hi :facepunch:,

What exciting news! It’s great to see how you’re listening to community feedback and making significant updates to improve accessibility and organization of the forum. The restructuring of categories and tags will definitely make navigation easier and reduce confusion about where to ask questions. Additionally, the upcoming UI improvements sound very promising and will make the user experience much more intuitive.

The updates to Discord also sound fantastic, especially with the new discussion spaces and the introduction of betas and challenges. I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes will further drive collaboration and growth within our community.

Thank you for keeping us informed and for your dedication to continuously improving our experience. I can’t wait to see all these changes in action! :heart_hands:

Thank you for the kind words @Cristian! :purple_heart:

Glad to hear you like the updates - can’t wait to see you around in the new spaces :muscle: