The mobile speed is so slow! How to make faster?

It’s not like it’s a surprise as my previous wix site I worked on have slow mobile speeds too. Here is the link (under development) I know there is so many videos and animations but the client wanted it. I’ve also checked other wix sites with no videos and it’s as slow as ours.

some elements need a bit of adjustment I can see but as for loading in fact, it is fine for me (internet speed 300MBP/S +)
if we are talking about numbers the following articles could assist you with improving it:
along with this we have dedicated team in Wix Customer Care, which can take a look over the situation:

@Rob hey man, do you have something to add?

Is the speed test not reliable? Client is using this as baseline for the speed.

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So from my understanding of the lighthouse reports, they usually test the site under the sub-optimal speeds but most people will have access to high-speed internet speeds. A good barometer for the speed is how it works on your own device.