The responsive adjustments don't remain

Frist of all thank you for your attention and help.
We are working on a site and we wanted to pass the new site in editor X to the old domain.
We are facing a few problems with the responsiness. Once we had all the responsiveness put together in the editor X version, we saved and today , as we wanted to do the migration we realised that the web is not responsive anymore.

We realised that even though the resposive parameters that we set are the same, the texts are changed.

Any thoughts?
Thank you all again.
Best wishes.

Can you be more specific? Are you saying that the parameters you set at each breakpoint haven’t changed but the behavior at those breakpoints has changed? Are you saying that the parameters are correct, but they’re being ignored? Can you give a specific example?

Yes, of course. Thank you Jim.
It seems that the parameters have been ignored. We have saved them and we checked.
In the picture is clear that the text is not responsive anymore.

Thanks again.:slightly_smiling_face:

@nurlopez , what specifically is happening that doesn’t match your parameters? Can you tell us specifically what the setting is that is being ignored? For example, do you have a width setting that’s being ignored at a particular breakpoint? If so, what is that setting and what is the breakpoint? Is it a text size setting? If so, what is that setting and what is the breakpoint?

I’m also not sure what I’m looking at in this screenshot. Is that a preview of a mobile breakpoint?

I’m guessing that’s a repeater. Am I correct? If so, we probably want to talk about how the repeater dimensions and text elements are defined.

Hello again,

I cannot tell with exact precision what it is that is wrong because it seems that there are problems with different features. We have been working on it to fix it today and we forgot to take more screenshots, sorry for not been more helpful.

There are several problems:

First, Wix decide to ignore the stack mode, with title, parragraph and buttons.
Then images inside the containers were placed correctly yesterday, today some images were cropped.

That image that I’ve sent is form a breakpoint of the tablet.

The main problem is that the settings do not stay put form one session to an other.

I hope you can help, and thank you for your time.

Best wishes.

With regards your to your responsive text issue, I use the scale text tool, shown here on the screen capture. You would set your minimum and your maximums at each break point. In some cases, you just have design your layout to use a smaller font. However, this works for me.

With regards to your break point issues. The biggest mistake I see developer doing when this happens, because it has happened to me, is not making sure where they applied their custom break points.

Because you can apply different breakpoints to different elements of the site, something I find highly valuable, one may think it is being applied to everything. Make sure your custom breakpoints are applied to the PAGE first. Then address the elements that require additional attention.

You may have applied a set of breakpoint inadvertently to one element and did not see it applied elsewhere, thinking it didn’t stick. Possible?

Thank you Teejay, We used the scale text tool form 10 to 30, but in some cases it ignored it adn put the text without scaling after every break point.

Thank you so much for your answer and attention.

We changed all back again and for now it seems that it is working well.