The unprofessional of Wix. They have prolonged it

The level of bad customer service and ability to communicate with the company adds up to what I believe is going to be their big issue. The customer service lady transferred to another duplicate because their company has so many glitches. Then they don’t even transfer my upgrade which was already paid for. Then their impossible to contact and they only respond through computer response. This is not the end of it!!!

Hi Clint , We checked the issue with our customer support team and your issue was handled and solved .
As you probably know , the easiest and direct way to contact our CS team to request a call back phone support or by opening a ticket is

To be honest, I send a few questions, always got a computer generated answer but NEVER a real answer.
No phone number found anywhere. I really searched.
It is not a good or a bad customer support, just NO customer support.

Hi Clint,

I strongly disagree to this opinion. Wix has great customer support and really good support page. They will surely reply asap if they know the solution. Else it will take some time… Yes it’s frustrating not to see a reply for 1 week or 2 week if the issue is unknown to the customer support team. But considering the user base and the amount of development they are doing every day (which might be susceptible to hidden bugs), it’s acceptable and for me it’s okay.

I only hate when wix team don’t acknowledge about existence of an issue and not at all reply .Which can be seen lot of times in this wix code forum but wix forum and wix blog community page admins are great at acknowledging their issues and they improve the product ASAP (From my experience)… But considering the huge number of posts in this forum and poor wix forum app (notifications and post tracking features), I guess the admins or wix support teams in this forum are not seeing the posts/replies properly… So its is also acceptable…But this should change in future…

I was unable to edit my site due to an error and it took wix just over one month to reactify the issue. Everytime I asked them what the issue was they couldn’t tell me…