The website is not identifying the mobile on some cell phones

I recently wanted to turn my website into an app to launch on Google Play. And what happened, when you launch the application on Google Play, it checks and does some tests, and then sends some screenshots with some problems to the developer. And in some of these prints I noticed that even though I was in the app, and the test was done on a cell phone, the layout of the website that appeared was that of the desktop. I know that depending on the screen resolution and aspect ratio, the website can tell whether it was opened on a cell phone or computer. But in this print that Google Play sent me, there appears to be a flaw in this system. The relevant cell phone used by Google in the test is a Google Pixel 5, and from what I’ve actually been testing on this cell phone, it’s causing problems. I looked for some configuration in the Wix editor to solve this problem, but I couldn’t find it. Does anyone have any solution?

I am using Wix Editor pro