Updates have reformatted website and broken contact form?

Is anyone else finding that their website format has gotten skewed with the new updates in Wix Editor??

All my page sections have shifted down and now I’m having to go through and manually move every section back up which is going to take hours.

I’ve also had leads emailing me saying my contact form isn’t working and won’t let them submit. I have made no changes to my website in the last week but came on to the editor to see that Wix have clearly updated the tool and it’s created all these problems which is exrtemely annoying!

Anyone know how to shift all page sections up at once so I dont have to do it one by one for each page?

And how to fix my contact form when there is nothing changed about it and no obvious issue??

Please help! I don’t have 55 hours to spare right now trying to fix a website!

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In your case → you should contact the wix-customer-care.
Since you did not change anything on your own, regarding your site → all the errors are wix-sided ones, so wix should give you the appropirate support to fix your site.

If this do not work → i recommend to engage a professionel Wix-Programmer/Designer/Developer, who is able to manage all your issues.