Why are market place leads not worth the time?

As a reseller of WIX Services I find that Market Place Leads are a waste of time. Out of all the leads I have responded to, I have had two conversations because I called them and they thought I was too expensive (and I am cheap locally). Wix has now restricted me for not responding to a leads fast enough however they are all terrible and I have never made any money on responding to them. Why is this and what are the actual conversions overall? They must be low?

WIX Partner Leads / Marketplace.

What are you trying to achieve:
I am trying to gain more customers using Marketplace and reply to leads but the are terrible quality.

What have you already tried:
I have read online everywhere, I have tried formal and informal approach. I have made up proposals - you name it and no return on time investment.

Additional information:
Location: Australia

Hate to say I agree…I’ve spent the last four months trying to make something of the leads with only about $500 US of revenue to show for it. Most of the people never respond to my emails/calls/texts and the ones that do have zero budget. They are typically home-based businesses looking for free help. Very discouraging.