why does my website lag so badly

hi all,

been using wix for a year…i have no idea why my website is so laggy


i dont think i am that bad…surely?

Depends on a lot of criteria.

How much you have on the page when it first loads up for example and above the fold, like images or videos etc.

Also, what is your internet connection like and what is the type of device that you are using to view your website etc.

Also, what have you got integrated with the website, any third party apps etc as they might be causing the lagging when they are waiting for all their data to load whilst Wix sits there waiting for it to finish before it can show the page to the user.

Finally, any third party browser apps that you have installed like popup blockers or trackers etc will sometimes slow websites down too or even not make them appear properly and have certain elements not showing on the page.

I’ve just clicked on your site link too and it loads up fine for me, however I am on fibre so my sites do load pretty quick already.