Wix Arena AMA: Recap!

This was AMAZING! Thank you for all the participants. Let’s schedule another one soon!
This post will remain so everyone can easily sort back through and see some of the great Q&A :slight_smile:


Will it be possible to have complete access to the dashboard on mobile? Currently we can only use mobile if we click the link in the email for that particular request. But have no access to other past request unless we find the email to click the link.


Yes, we are working on the integration of the Arena with Wix inbox. Once that will be live you could communicate with your arena clients from the Wix mobile app.


@amird but will we have full access to the dashboard on mobile?

@micahprentice Currently, there is no plan to migrate the dashboard screen to mobile. But we will make sure that you could manage your leads using the Wix mobile app. What are to most need features you would like to have on mobile?

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Hi Amir! Debbie is unable to attend the live session due to time zone difference, but she wanted to know the following:

When will the arena team re-open applications?

… why are some Arena leads going through stating call anytime but they have no contact #’s?

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@amird I like to go back through my requests if I have not heard back to reach out again. But I’m not always able to have a computer with me to look at all my past requests in the dashboard. Having access to the past request be nice through the dashboard so I won’t have to go to the request by email each time.

At the moment we do not accept new applicants to the Arena.
We will make sure to notify the Expert community once we will re-open the process.

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That shouldn’t happen. The requested time to call option is available for the user only if he entered his phone number. If you did receive such briefs, please contact our support so we could investigate it further.

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@amird I get this all the time. So I just email.

@amird The field seems to take alpha and numeric inputs, including fake phone numbers like 555-555-5555. Is there a way to restrict this?

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The new version of the Arena has geolocation by default. However, the Arena only supports English. The Arena is not available in Spanish, Russian, Italian, etc. Users (clients) from these countries don’t like to use the Arena. Don’t you think that designers from these countries are downgraded?

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In the WiX arena under Hire an Expert, there’s a designer in particular (Leila Rader) that comes up in several very different geolocations. Chino Hills, CA Gilbert, AZ and Los Angeles, CA - as an example. What do I have to do to appear in so the first page of results in multiple geolocations? Or, is this a glitch?


@sales The phone field has a regex validation for phone number structure inputs.
We can’t validate if the phone number is real. At the end of the day it is up to the user to decide if he want to be contacted by phone or by email.

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A small addition. I also checked and made sure that the HIRE AN EXPERT is shown only to English-speaking users in a personal account.

Thank you for holding this forum! I appreciate the opportunity to connect and improve the Arena. Another question, in Hire an Expert results for web designing, the thumbnails of project images next to each designer’s name do not currently link to the actual website. You can access it after clicking the designer’s profile then viewing their Featured Projects. Wondering if it’s possible to have the links in the first view, whcih is the results listings?

I will join this question. What should be done to increase the rating?

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The Arena is no different than any other product at Wix, each product has a localization plan of it own and gradually the Arena will cover all Wix supported languages.

I’ve had a few clients now express frustration when they have selected my profile and sent the Get Quote details but got multiple designers responding rather than just me. That seems perfectly fine if they didn’t select a specific designer and need a response. Is it possible though when they choose a designer they specifically want to hear from that the inquiry only goes to that designer?