Wix Editor on a Chromebook

I used a Chromebook to edit a couple of my websites that are built in the regular Wix Editor and a number of the elements were shifted around mostly to the right as soon as I opened the editor. And then trying to fix or move things was very tricky on the Chromebook. Is this common knowledge that Wix Editor doesn’t work well on a Chromebook. (btw, my software is up to date)

I haven’t heard this. I also haven’t used a Chromebook, but since it uses Chrome I would imagine it’s the same. The only thing I would be concerned about is the resolution of the laptop; sometimes the resolution is scaled really high or really low. =)

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I’ve just tested it on an old chromebook I have lying around and haven’t faced any problems.

Perhaps it is to do with how the site is structured :man_shrugging:

Thank you. It does the same weird things for a number of my websites. I’m thinking it may be an issue with my browser.

Thank you.

@sueseiff Hmmmm. If it’s the most up to date version, then there shouldn’t be any issues. I assume because it is a chromebook you are using Chrome, right?

If the issue persists, then it will probably be worth raising it with support.