Wix Editors (in general) UI/UX Improve flow with less steps

This is a general issue that exists all over the editor x and the other editors. For some reason Wix creators love creating functionalities that require so many steps/clicks to get to for no reason. Since I can’t spend the entire day pointing out all the issues here is one example along with a solution which I hope inspire the wix developers to apply it to the rest of the editors and stop hiding elements/settings and making us click multiple times to get to them.

Aside from the attached, particularly the animations window is full of unnecessary clicks while trying to edit an animation.

The example shows how the Time of an animation is a separate button that opens a separate window when the time setting should be just there when we are editing the animation anyways. No need to break down settings into multiple steps. Open them all in the same window.

@SCW That’s very helpful input! The example you mentioned is a good one I’ll pass onto the team. If you come across another one that sticks out to you, please let us know! I’d love to note another one.