Wix new event seat assignment

I’ve noticed the new event seat assignment only good when the floor plan is ready. At the moment I am facing an event that cannot have the floor plan until all tickets are sold. The reason was to make sure how much money collected and to decide how many tables needed. Can anyone help? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Correct, this feature is better used for events with the seating already decided like for a concert at an existing venue.

In your case, given that it sounds like you are manually assigning all of the seats after the tickets are sold, could you add a page with image with the seating chart once registration is closed and have the users refer to it?

How are you letting them know what their seat is? If it’s through email you could say “Your seat is Table 1 Seat 6, please refer to this page for the exact location. A seating chart will also be available at the event.” Or something like that. Let me know what you think.

Also, if you would like to see this feature in the future, please add it to the Velo Wishlist. Add as much detail as you can about what is needed and why.

What I’ve planned, was to have the first RSVP with payment without seat assigned. So that we will know the total payment received to buget how many tables needed.
Usually there is a deadline, 2 weeks before the event. A floor plan can now be ready and use the event email group to send shoutout to remind our guests. Our guests who have made the payment before can then use the event seat assignment, but this time all tickets are free.

But there is one hip-up, since this second RSVP is a free RSVP to select seats only. What would happen if the guests selected more seats, then he/she paid? Then the order has to be removed and their seats will reset for them to do select again. This can be messy. I suppose it would be wise to warn the guests not to select more seats then they purchased or else they will face their seat taken if there is a reset.

Anyone has any suggestion?

#AmandaM sending an email to the guests reminding them their seats number is also a problem. We’ve experienced some of our guests were not happy with our selection. That is why we preferred to let them select their own seat on first come first served basis.