WIX Owner - POS: A poorly executed good idea

So the WIX Owner POS feature has been sidelined for some time, however it does seem to be that brick and mortar stores are going to be forced to move to a competitor simply because they are not getting catered for. Even if the WIX POS system comes to the UK, it will be useless for anyone who doesn’t want to use “wix payments” as their provider.

A few issues to list:

Product option drop downs have been swapped from auto selection of in stock options. To select everything and see if it is in stock. There is no more ability to quickly feedback to the customer what options are in stock. Instead you have to go through every option to find the one in stock.

Square link as payment provider has become very slow and clunky. Add product to cart > view cart > charge > card > open square > “square opens” > “reader disconnects” > connect reader > take payment. Takes way too long. It would be as quick to have the open square as an option at the “card or cash” screen.

Search function is now broken in the POS feature, click search, instead opens the app search (where products don’t show up) we now have to scroll through the thousands of products to find the correct one. However you scroll 2 times then products stop loading anyway. -

It does seem to be that brick and mortar stores are being ignored to try and push member side wix based apps (such as the members app) which no one really wants as a professional retailer “here visit a different companies app” which for some reason is still being forced on customers even though we have made every attempt to turn the email off “join us on the Wix app”

Please can we get this sorted as it makes professional looking websites appear cheap the moment they step into store or get spam emails about joing an app that not even the owner wants.

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