Wix Stores & Code Campaign

Hi Everyone,

I’m proud to announce that Wix Stores & Code campaign as been launched ! This means that wix Stores APIs and Database are now open to Wix Code and that you can now customize your online store and create dedicated features.

As part of this campaign we also created 10 new examples, and you can find them here -


Wow, these are such great examples. Thank you!

My little heart is bursting with love and excitement!!! Yay!!!

Idan, will there be an option to customize the checkout experience with Wix Code? I receive request after request from customers wanting to add input fields to their checkouts to then send that information to their email (or store in a database)

Hi Felipe, we’re working on more APIs so you can customize your store even more, and this is definitely something we would like to add.

Hi Idan, would it be possible that wix stores API could connect patement gateway? Paypal is not popular in Asia. Thank you.