wixUsersBackend.emailUser doesn't work

this is really upsetting, my event is today and people are not getting their tickets.
This was working without problems until now, for example:
wixUsersBackend . emailUser ( ‘SnDqakW’ , “c82fc86b-0c1e-4885-add6-e9fcd8968ef2” );
And, suddenly, I get this response from the function:
server responded with - {“message”:“Quota exceeded”,“details”:{“errorcode”:“-3003”}} (403)
Basically none of the triggered emails function.

The thing is, triggered emails don’t have quotas. And even if they did, I have the super high Ascend plan installed, premium plan on wix. SO I DONT GET IT.

Hi Shahar,
I’m sorry that you’ve encountered this issue on the day of your big event! I hope it resolved itself, but if not, please report this to Wix Customer Care so that someone on the team can investigate. Thanks.