Word of the wise- Ensure clients use Anti Spam!

I had a marketplace lead that turned into me rebuilding this clients site from scratch.


He had 0 Anti spam on his site and got attached by a robo spammer, with racial and sexual content it was horrific.

Support has taken a week and so far has no clue how to remove over 400,000 pending site members, and the non non stop populating spamming videos in the media manager.

PS #featurerequest bulk removal of site members



It would be really great if I didn’t have to spend a week liaising with this client and have no information or work around given to me from support (love you guys but sometimes is SUPER frustrating when you have an angry client that’s on the other end) I came up with all of them myself. Including duplicating the site but I was un able to remove the videos, they just kept populating, so I copied his site design elements into “My designs” and recreate his entire site from scratch AND had to manually enter all his contacts and pricing plans" . I did all of this for free for this client, so his business could go back online and generate his income instead of waiting, and waiting, and waiting while he looses money daily.


Please contact Wix Support, they might have some tools to get this removed in bulk

“Support has taken a week and so far has no clue how to remove over 400,000 pending site members”

I did, they have had 0 work arounds including bulk removal. I waited a week and then had to rebuild the site today. Trust me I went through it all with support over the last week, the end result was rebuilding the site when my idea of duplicating it didn’t work cuz the spammers videos’ copied and then would populate again after deleting and trash empty.

This is more of an FYI for other partners that this happened to this client and what I have gone through and the end result was rebuilding the site. Can’t leave a business in the lurch for a week, so this isn’t a negative post, but it is one of frustration and bragging about my amazing skills and knowledge :smiley:

So this morning the brand new site started getting attacked again.
Still no reply for support… @steven HELP!

Shannah, so sorry to hear! What’s the ticket number for this case? Let’s see if there’s something I can do.