Not able to activate online payment in india

Have recently built the ecommerce store, however not able to activate online payment because all the payment gateway/aggregator listed on wix is not taking new merchant onboarding due to regulatory issue. Need help on 2 points -

  1. Has anyone faced the similar issue and how it get resolved?
  2. Is it possible to integrate other than the listed payment gateway at wix

Hi @smitanavya , I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, it is not something resolvable in short term. You can consider using another payment gateway and integrating with Velo (Wix Code).

I am facing the exact same issue. Through Velo also till now what I have read suggests that we would need to create entire stores functionality through code if we want to use a 3rd party payment gateway.

Is there a way which is simpler than this? Can I edit/customise my Checkout page and integrate 3rd party payment gateway use API Integration when user attempts to checkout.

Hi @smitanavya , we at Certified Code are looking for beta users for our new integration with India payment provider. If you are interested, please reach out to . *No purchase required.