Access to clients Wix account

Please please please give us access to everything that we need to complete the set up and design of our clients accounts!! In the meantime, at least add a statement somewhere advising them that we may need direct access to their account to complete task that we cannot complete as a contributor.


Hey Michelle!

The different types of roles/contributors is outlined here:

Is there something missing in a specific role that you think should be included?

We cannot set up Wix Store fully, set up music or connect domain just to name a few, without having access to the clients account. When I say access, I mean we have to sign in using their user name and password.

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Yes, we need Contributor Access to Everything - Wix Music & Wix Video are the applications that give me the most issues. #wixmusic #featurerequest

I have a client that needs to pay for the premium plan but i am the developer/designer. With that role as the client they need to be the owner to pay for the plan but me as the designer i need to work on the site but not all access like domain connection is possible. I think designers should have all access that owners do but not worry about payment info.

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@info97708 thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward it to the team.