Beta Unlocked: New and improved site visitor filters (Wix Content Manager)

We’ve simplified the process of adding filters for site visitors using the Content Manager.

You can now set up filters to your site using the following input elements:

  • Dropdown

  • Radio Buttons

  • Checkboxes (Multi Checkbox & Checkbox)

  • Selection Tags

Try it yourself:

  1. Add a repeater to your site

  2. Connect it to a collection in the Content Manager through a dataset

  3. Add one of the input elements mentioned above and connect it to the same dataset

  4. Preview to see it in action

Note that filters are only available on sites connected to the Content Manager.



Excellent timing! I shall be making full use of this very soon :slight_smile:


Our Wix code service business is going to end soon :frowning:

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Can this be done for tables ?

I am using a dropdown to filter items in table. For some reason i am not able to select the filed i want to use to filter by. The filed is a reference filed. :frowning:

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When will the ability to do this with free form text fields be available? Currently this needs to be coded.


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Hi Cody,
Do you mean free search?
We have it on out backlog, but we don’t have an ETA for it.

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Reff fields will be available in the next phase, stay tuned

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Yes, it filters the dataset. so everything connected to it should be filtered

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Yeah. I hope this gets bumped up on the priority list because it makes creating filterable repeaters difficult when we have to code them.

So easy now ! :slight_smile:

Super news! only here the filter does not work for me - everything is connected but does not display

Can be used filters combinated? (without using code)


Emmanuel & Netalee - I can’t get this to work, please help :frowning:

FILTER BY TAGS? - Can we connect the input elements to TAG fields yet to filet and selct by the TAG in the field? @cedesignservice

As a destination management company, we love this a we can have filter for our tour program which has several type in several city. Cool


@emmanuels I noted that using say a multi check element that picks up its choices from tags that they are listed a-z. Could this be changed at all?