Connecting Social Media buttons to a database

Ive added a social media bar to my dynamic page but I haven’t got the option to link it to my database to which I can add multiple social media links.

For example I want to create a site for multiple regions/countries and can obviously do that on here by creating a dynamic page. However when I add a social media button to the dynamic page I can’t connect it to a database (social media link for each region), it will only provide me with one link.

Any suggestions on an easy workaround for this?

Just found a workaround

  1. Downloaded specific social media icons
  2. Added those as images to Wix
  3. Added those to the page and reduced the size
  4. Connected image to database link
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Hi Scott,

The social bar doesn’t yet support linking to database. So your workaround is a good option.

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Please add this feature!


Used a button instead of social icon. Specifically, used a button that has both - text and icon. Wix gives you the option to replace the icon. Replaced the original icon with social icon. You need to upload svg file of replacement icon. Works like a dream, alhamdulillah. For example, there is a button that says Download and it has an arrow next to the text. Changed text to Connect on LinkedIn. Replaced arrow icon with svg file of LinkedIn icon.

Hi Shabnam,
Your workaround really helped me get my job done connecting social media buttons to my dynamic pages linked to database (Wix Collections).