Create a custom site search

Did you know that you can create a customized site search experience for your site visitors?

Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Use an input as a search bar and display the search results in a repeater.

  • Let visitors search your regular and dynamic site pages or specific Wix app content.

  • Filter your search results according to fields from a Wix app database collection. For example, you could search for store products in a particular collection, forum posts with a minimum number of likes, or blog posts with specific hashtags.

  • Sort your search results. For example, you could sort a search for store products according to the products’ SKUs or sort forum posts according to the number of views.

  • Apply facets to your search results. Never heard of facets? You’ll recognize them from e-commerce websites. You know those filters on the side that let you know how many items are in each subcategory? Now you can also use facets to let your site visitors narrow down a search.

So check out the wix-search API and get creative!

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