Extremely slow load time

I’m not sure this is the right place to post, but it seemed worth a shot. I built my site in Wix Editor and it now loads EXTREMELY slowly. I have enabled caching and also optimized all my images so they are under 1MB, even though Wix says you don’t need to. Can anyone offer any suggestions? And/or is it possible to speed it up using code?
Many thanks.

If I may make a suggestion Johanna. I had the same issues with our site. Our home page has a weather app, a hit counter, minimal images, and a foreign exchange converter and load times were in the 15-18 second range.

What I ended up doing was creating a SPLASH page to house just the apps and an intro, then putting up a START HERE clickable element that launches the rest of the site, which is much faster now that it is not laden with those apps.

Perhaps you could just have a ‘splash’ opening page with one or two images (low res only) and a brief explanation and link to what’s inside. Yours appears to be a one page website, so why not break it down into smaller pages and creatively work them in with just an image or two. I think you might find that better.

Nice site, by the way … but your load times are real excessive and might be abandoned by the ‘WANT IT NOW’ viewers…which I find a bit of a conundrum. Art viewers are usually very patient.

Hope this info helps … I’m a bit of a novice at all this myself.


Thanks Gordy! However, there are only three pictures on the site which I really need front and center. If I can’t find a solution I might just have to jump ship and have a pro build my site in Wordpress.

The page you linked here loads in 3.4 seconds which is not “Extremely slow”

On my internet connection, which is decent, it takes about 15 seconds.

  • I don’t know whether or not you used a gallery to display these 3 images. But you should keep in mind that galleries are slower than images.

So the problem is in your Internet connection…

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Loads up fine for myself too, so as you’ve said either internet connection is not great or using an older device to view it on which always helps to slow it down a notch too.

@ johanna, try running it yourself through one of the three websites below and see what results you get for yourself.

Thanks! I ran it through GT Metrix and WebPageTest. Got a “B” with 12-14 seconds load time. I even eliminated one of the galleries from my page for the test. https://johanna0072.wixsite.com/website-6