From Editor X to Wix Studio

Migrating to Wix Studio from Editor X

Is there a date set when Editor X sites can be migrated to Wix Studio and they will retain functionality and responsiveness with minimal manual editing/cleanup?

I am curious about this migration as well. I would like to find out how seamless it will be. Especially for websites with advanced custom designs and code. It’b great to have more information from Wix Developers as this affects a lot of designer’s business load and client relations.

Hey @John_Hays and @SCW!

Good questions :slight_smile:

About when it’s going to happen - we shared some details a few weeks back about the next steps for Studio that I think will help - Community update: what’s next for Wix Studio

As for migration process and how things are going to work, I don’t have the answer yet, but we’ll be sure to share more details when I have them :muscle:

I’m interested in this, when I signed up to Wix Editor X I didn’t know about Wix studio.
Now I’ve built the whole website, (ready to launch) but I wanted to get into the nitty gritty of the css to do some final layout tweaks etc (mobile view is terrible) and realised I can’t I need Wix studio.
If anyone has any tips to add bespoke css until this migration happens that would be great.