Integrating Database Info w/ ShoutOut

I’m working on a client databasing project for which users will submit their zip code and email address for localized service quotes. Essentially, we’re hoping to send automated emails upon form submission with dynamic database information. The goal is to centrally run this all through Wix - from Wix Code to ShoutOut - so I’m wondering if this cross-feature integration is currently possible? If not, is there a way to export Wix Database data for use in a third-party email automation program?

When looking at Wix Code Feature resources, the “Flight Detective” example for the User Input article ends on a confirmation screen with text indicating the user will soon be contacted. I would imagine their dynamic flight information would populate in the confirmation email, which leads me to believe this ShoutOut integration would be possible? Otherwise, are we to assume one manually must check all form submission emails and respond using a third-party email system with access to the Wix database? Otherwise, I’d so appreciate specific recommendations of how to accomplish this dynamic email automation response upon site form submission - thank you in advance!

wow not even a response? let me know if you ever found a solution. Im interested in doing the same thing, You may want to check out bubble, no code database , pretty good set up. I do not work for them

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I’m truly sorry for the late response. Note that you can either use ShoutOut or the SendGrid API:
ShoutOut :

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Im sorry that was not directed toward you , I was just expressing my surprise that no one had taken the time to respond to jess after the care she put into her post.

Can I contact you with a question about wix code capabilities? It exposes my exact business model so I dont want to post it to public. You can email me at and i’ll send you my question. Is that something you can do? Or is there a way to post her in private?

Much appreciated Tal & Blake!

I ended up going through SendGrid, as last I heard, ShoutOut integration was in the backlog. Glad to see ShoutOut is now a viable option for sending a triggered email – SendGrid is great, but most of my clients would prefer to manage the entire operation within Wix if possible. Time to read up on the new material!

Does anyone know if ShoutOut integration still in backlog? Very much interested in moving our site’s form entry to data collections, but no ShoutOut integration is a show stopper for us.

Have you checked out the Triggered Emails and Email Marketing features? You will probably find what you need already built in.

@yisrael-wix Thanks for the quick reply. We’re not looking for triggered emails. We use the email marketing tool frequently. What we are looking for is the ability to select a database collection or query as the source for our campaign recipients list.